CreativeTribe is quickly adopting the latest web design trends

Over the last couple of years, designers have been moving away from closed and simple configurations. Keeping this in mind, the team at CreativeTribe is adopting open-styled, cut, broken and chaotic compositions in some of our latest web design projects.

Here are some of the design trends that we’re looking to follow in 2017 and beyond:

Open compositions making use of loosely suspended elements.

Asymmetrical layouts where the left and right side of a page are not balanced out.

Chaotic designs, moving away from minimalist compositions – while keeping interfaces and navigation menus easy to use.

Rich patterns and backgrounds, including the grid pattern using stripes, dots and small dashes.

Rich typography, with emphasis on modern geometric typefaces, serif typefaces and monospaced typefaces.

Seamless animations transitioning between sections to provide a smooth narrative.

These trends are already being followed by some of the biggest design firms worldwide. CreativeTribe hopes to offer the best to clients by adopting the latest trends rapidly.

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