The Modern Evolution of Typography – Tope Adeoye

Traditionally, the Internet has seen only simple typography styles. Open Sans, Roboto, Helvetica, Lato and a few other neo-grotesque typefaces have been beaten to death. However, typography has been evolving since the past two years or so. Tope Adeoye

CreativeTribe has closely been studying typography trends and we’ve been incorporating the latest trends in our web typography projects.

We’re increasingly seeing large typography being used across modern websites. This helps define the key visual elements of a website. Moreover, the contrasting pairing of typefaces also creates an appealing effect. Larger letter sizes are not only being adopted in titles, headers and menus, but they are also making their way into paragraphs.

Also, we’ve noticed a strong integration between typography and media elements such as images, animations and videos lately.

The latest typefaces to have gained popularity include the typewriter (monospaced) typeface, serif typeface and geometric typeface.

The team at CreativeTribe has been adopting these typography trends for our savvy clients who dare to defy the usual.

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